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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good-bye to Heejun Idol fans

After chatting with American Idol hopeful Gabi Carrubba the other day, I've found myself getting into the show.
Most of the time it's ben like watching a train wreck. It's hard to imagine that out of the thousands of people that audition for the show, this is the best 10 they could come up with.
The judging continues to be nonsensical, giving standing ovations to subpar performances.
Here's my call on Wednesday's performance and still hoping that Simon can come back one day to make some sense to it all.

The best of the night:
• Colton Dixon: Did "Piano Man" and was fantastic. Don't know if a grunger can win this.

• Jessica Sanchez: Still don't like her but she looked good and was solid last night.

Going home:
• Heejun Han: I've heard better singing in the shower -- from my 11 year old than this guy.

Don't rush for tickets for the tour this time. Bring back Gabi.

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