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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quinnipiac women jobbed in the WNIT

Some observations from the Quinnipiac women's game in the WNIT.
First of the all, there were very few fans in attendance but still, Temple officials seemed more interested in hosting the second-round game than what was happening on the court.
Quinnipiac jumped out to a quick lead and seemed ready to give the Owls a battle in the opening minutes.
That's when the offficiating crew of Bonita Spence, Kevin Sparrock and Hillary Harwell took over. They called six phantom travelling calls on the Bobcats in the first half alone.
Quinnipiac coach Tricia Fabbri was vehement about the calls and said that her assistant wanted her to get a technical to complain. Fabbri, however, said she didn't want to put her team in a bigger hole. She knew this was going to be an uphill battle for the Bobcats to begin with and the fact they had to play without super sub Jasmine Martin (concussion) didn't make things any easier against Temple, which is regarded as the best team in the WNIT field.
Shey Peddy scored the 1,000th point of her two-year career at Temple in the game and the Owls' inside game was strong.
But Quinnipiac's turnovers in the first were costly and to this reporter, every single one of them looked to be the wrong call.
As the game continued, all the Temple personnel on the sidelines seemed to care about was whether Harvard would win against Hofstra, giving the Owls another home game.
Harvard won that game, Temple got to host the second round and beat the Crimson by five on Saturday to move into the third round.
I wonder how many travelling calls were called on the Crimson?

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