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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mariano Rivera's son does not return to Quinnipiac

Mariano Rivera Jr. did not return to Quinnipiac University after last semester.
Rivera, the son of New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, said in a text message to the Quinnipiac school newspaper that his parents wanted him closer to home.
”They just don’t like the whole idea with dorming,” Rivera said. “I’m not a bad kid I just did what everyone else did and I guess they don’t want me to be that way.”
Rumors had Rivera hoping to enroll at Fordham and try to walk-on to the baseball team but he is not listed on the roster.
Rivera committed to Quinnipiac last April and entered the baseball program as a pitcher but was viewed as a borderline college prospect and most believe that Rivera was only going to earn a spot on the team because of who his father was.
The school does not comment on private student matters.

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