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Friday, August 30, 2013

Quinnipiac's Jolley Adjusts To Coaching World

Check out this story from former Quinnipiac student Zach Smart on Bobcat Kevin Jolley.
Jolley played with the Bobcats in 2005-06

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NCAA football picks against the spread: Week 1

Here we go again for another year of college football picks against the spread. I will pick every game on the docket and include my best bet.
Quarterback Nick Patti leads the Boise State offense.

Here are some things to think about. In the early season there are lot of inflated lines as out-of-conference matchups tend to bring mismatches. But also remember that it is early in the season and coaches are trying to give youngsters a chance and keep their stars rested.

That's why I'm taking both UMass and Central Michigan. Look at the Wisconsin line. The Badgers are giving 44.5 points and the total is just 53.5. The books feel that Wisconsin will virtually shut them out but if UMass gets just one touchdown then the only way you could hit a Wisconsin and under bet is by the score of 45-7.

I don't like that but I do like the under. I'm thinking more like 35-7 here.

Best bet:  Boise State (They always get off to fast starts)
Preferred: Nevada (UCLA is going to be good but Nevada is no pushover. The number is too big. Boise State always gets off to fast starts).

Good luck and get ready for a long, hopefully profitable season.

The line and the selections in bold follow:

at Wisconsin    44.5    (53.5)    UMass
at Michigan     31.5    (52)    Cent.    Michigan
at Ohio St.     34.5    (55)    Buffalo
at NC State     14    (62.5)    Louisiana Tech
at Maryland   22    (49.5)    FIU
at Iowa    3    (53.5)    N.    Illinois
at Notre Dame   29.5    (53)    Temple
BYU      1    (50.5)    at    Virginia
Alabama-a   20.5    (45.5)    Virginia Tech
at Troy    3.5    (63)    UAB
at Cincinnati   10.5    (50.5)    Purdue
Kentucky-b     4.5    (57)    W. Kentucky
at Marshall    19.5    (67.5)    Miami (Ohio)
Oklahoma St.-c  13    (62)    Mississippi St.
at Oklahoma    21.5    (61)    Louisiana-Monroe
at Southern Miss.   8.5    (54.5)    Texas St.
at Texas    43    (58)    New Mexico St.
at Texas A&M  27    (66.5)    Rice
at Florida    23.5    (55.5)    Toledo
at Arkansas  10.5    (57.5)    La.-Lafayette
at Auburn    15.5    (62)    Washington St.
at North Texas   15    (58)    Idaho
Penn St.-d      8.5    (51.5)    Syracuse
at Nebraska   30    (67)    Wyoming
at New Mexico   3.5    (56)    UTSA
Georgia    2    (71)    at    Clemson
LSU-e    4.5    (50)    TCU
at Washington  3.5    (52.5)    Boise St.
at UCLA   21    (66.5)    Nevada
Northwestern   6    (60)    at    California
at Louisville   20.5    (58)    Ohio
Colorado St.-f    2.5    (49)    Colorado
Florida St.    10.5    (49.5)    at Pittsburgh
a-at Atlanta
b-at Nashville, Tenn.
c-at Houston
d-at E. Rutherford, N.J.
e-at Arlington, Texas
f-at Denver

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Friday, August 23, 2013

EXTRA CHARGE: New Haven running game preview

WEST HAVEN >> University of New Haven senior running back Mike DeCaro said raising his three-month old son, Kaiden, has kept him up at night.
However, with the chance to get more carries this season, DeCaro’s not letting a little sleep deprivation hold him back.
“Team No Sleep,” he said, smiling. “I’m trying to work off no sleep, but it’s added motivation to get things done.”
Read more here.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

U of NEW HAVEN SPORTS: Football, soccer to sports head trauma tracking head gear

WEST HAVEN >> University of New Haven soccer player Oskar Sewerin suffered a concussion last year. He said the concussion symptoms were bad enough, but what hurt more was the week of school he had to miss due to the head injury.
“We’re here for an education first of all,” he said. “I think that just to miss school because of a concussion, its something that’s really bad.”
Stories like Sewerin’s are why UNH teamed up with TriAx, a company based in Norwalk that manufactures wireless impact sensors for non-contact and contact sports, and will become the first school in the country to use it’s head trauma tracking headgear. The sensors in the caps and headbands are called Smart Impact Monitors. They keep track of any hit an athlete takes to the head.
Any contact made to the head is registered on a chip inside the caps and head bands. The information on the chip automatically goes into a computer that tracks impact and the number of hits to the head an athlete has sustained.
The men’s and women’s soccer players demonstrated how they work Tuesday at a press conference. West Haven native Nicole Pacapelli, a senior on the women’s soccer team, said they feel like regular head bands. She has never had a concussion, but said a teammate sustaining one can bring down the whole team.
“We’ve had people on the team with concussions and they’ve been out four or five months,” the senior said. “It’s really hurt us. It hurts them as players, that’s a lot of time off to take. Hopefully this research helps coaches and athletes understand head impact better.”
The soccer and football players will begin using the headgear immediately. Athletic Director Debbie Chin said this will help student-athletes perform both on and off the field.
“You can’t have success without having student-athletes who are healthy,” she said. “As the president said (during the press conference) they’re here to get an education.”
She said TriAx contacted her about the headgear and she jumped at the chance to use it. She said the headgear could also be used for other sports, like basketball.
The football team only had running backs and linebackers wear the headgear during practice, because their aren’t enough for the entire team yet. The linebackers and running backs were chosen because they would sustain the most hits. Coach Pete Rossomando said by next week all the players will wear it. Rossomando said that if the headgear keeps concussions down, he wouldn’t be surprised to see other schools wearing it in the future, too.
“I think schools are just going to adopt it because they think it is going to help them,” he said.
He said too many athletes suffer head injuries and having this extra knowledge will come in handy. After practice he said they would check each player’s data to see what they can learn from the first practice using it.
“We’re going to look at it on a daily basis,” the coach said. “Especially if there’s some type of event. Specifically if there’s hitting drills, we’d like to see what the data comes back as and how players respond to it.”

Friday, August 2, 2013

Quinnipiac men's lacrosse hosting prospect day

The Quinnipiac University men's lacrosse team will host a prospect day this Sunday, Aug. 4 at the Bobcats Field.
Interested high school players will have the chance to play and catch the eye of the college coaches at the event.
Players will have the opportunity to play in front of our staff, see our facilities, and compete against the best 2014, 2015, and 2016 uncommitted players.

Click on this link to register.

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