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Friday, March 9, 2012

Will Quinnipiac try to go to the Atlantic 10?

Temple has officially left the Atlantic 10 filling one of the vacancies in the Big East due to the departure of West Virginia and Syracuse.
That certainly leaves an attractive void in the A-10 conference.
Would Quinnipiac try to leave the Northeast Conference to fill the void?
The answer is, in a heartbeat.
Quinnipiac is an attractive school academically for its A-10 resume but athletically it could fall a little short.
The A-10 doesn't care about hockey which is Quinnipiac's strength right now. The Bobcats are solid in both men's and women's basketball but haven't been able to grasp that elusive NCAA berth in either.
Quinnipiac's biggest bargaining chip is the TD Bank Sports Center but then again it is as small as it is beautiful. The building could be to small to host an A-10 postseason game.
Bobcats' coach Tom Moore has scheduled games with A-10 teams over the past three seasons and fared well.
It is no suprise that Quinnipiac would want to join a more prestigious conference but it may a bit unprepared right now.

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