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Saturday, September 19, 2009

SCSU leads AIC 17-9

Southern wins
The Owls' terrific defense kept AIC off the board the entire second half.
Jerome Pinckney sealed the game with an interception with just under 2 minutes to play.
Final score:
SCSU 17, AIC 9

We're in the fourth
Southern's drive stalled and punted back to AIC which is within a TD and a 2-pointer away from tyng the game.
14 minutes left in the game.
SCSU 17, AIC 9

Third-quarter action
Dan Bassani misses a 29 yard field goal attempt in a fast moving third.
SCSU still leads.
The Owls are wearing out the AIC defense with the running game. They're driving for a big score as the third ends.
SCSU 17, AIC 9

More mistakes
After a pass tipped off Jarom Freeman's hands and was intercepted by AIC, the Yellow Jackets took over at the 26 and scored several plays later when Rob Parent connected with Davon LaGrier from 7 yards out.
4:30 left in the half.
Chris Hazelton booted a 25 yard field goal late in the first half to extend the SCSU lead
SCSU 17, AIC 9

Extending the lead
After another botched punt attempt by AIC, SCSU took over at the Yellow Jackets' 41 and Roberts fired a beautiful TD pass to Andre Privott for a TD.
That's 3 punts in the game that have gone awry. We're early in the second quarter.
SCSU 14, AIC 2

On the board
Southern got a break of its own when AIC botched the snap on the punt. SCSU took over at the 3 and three plays later Chris Roberts powered it into the end zone for a TD.
ACI punter Dan Bassani had a chance to do what Hazelton did and give the Owls a safety but tried to make a play, fumbled the ball and eventually SCSU covered the ball at the 3.
AIC should have taken the safety.

Game time
Special teams have cost the Owls aleady. A snap to punter Chris Hazelton went over his head and Hazelton carried it through his own end zone and fumbled out of the end zone for an AIC safety.
Just 1:30 into the game and AIC leads 2-0.


This will be the first game played on American International's new artificial turf field.
Last year Southern defeated AIC at Miller Field which resembled a dirt parking lot at certain spots of the surface.
AIC now has a sparkling clean stadium with lights and a synthetic surface. AIC has plenty of speed and hopes the new surface will help. The Yellow Jackets are already 3-0 on the season and this is their first home game.
Last year Southern won a hotly contested affair to clinch an NCAA berth. Before that game the two teams nearly mixed it up a la Florida State vs. Miami. This year, again the two teams traded barbs at midfield 30 minutes before kickoff and the were acessed matching unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. It really appeared it was AIC which initiated the shouting match.
Either way, this should be a gteat contest and although it's just the second game of the conference season for both teams, it could be for the title.
The two teams were picked 1-2 in the preseason poll and do have the most talent and the top coaches.
Game-time is 26 minutes away and I'll have updates throughout the contest.


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