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Friday, September 11, 2009

SCSU vs. Pace

It's over
The Owls wrapped up their first win of the season. It was a convincing performance but Pace did move the ball some in the second half.
Jarom Freeman also suffered a leg injury with 8 minutes to go in the fourth quarter but he was running on the sideline later and seemed OK. He did not return to action.

Still fighting
Pace QB Romanick hit Eric Ortega on a 41-yard TD pass to get the Setters closer.
There's 12:49 to play and Pace is trying to get back into this one.
SCSU 27, Pace 10

End of the third quarter
Pace snapped the shutout with a 37-yard field goal.
Rashaad Slowley then got into the SCSU backfield and continued to impress.
The sophomore had 45 yards on the ground in the first half and rushed for 32 more on a 3rd-quarter drive. He looks to be another in a long line of great Owl tailbacks.
Hazelton added another field goal.
SCSU 27, Pace 3

Back in action
If you stayed home for this one, you're probably a lot drier than the rest of us. This game has been played in torrential downpours.
Joe Romanick is in at QB for Pace which has a big hill to climb in the second half.

To add injury to insult, Pace QB Ray Gregg was injured with 1 second remaining in the first half. Lining up in the shotgut, the snap sailed over Gregg's head and he raced back to 19 to recover the loose ball.
But Gregg was tackled by a pair of Owls and appeared to injure his shoulder on the play.
This will certainly make any big comeback difficult for the Setters, which were dominated in the first half.
SCSU 24, Pace 0

Northeast 10 opener
Tonight's game is the NE-10 opener and SCSU looks ready for the conference slate get going. The Owls were the preseason favorite to win the conference and are rolling early in the second quarter.
Roberts just hit Pete DiGangi with a 3-yard TD pass to extend the lead.
SCSU 17, Pace 0

It's Raining ... points
Jarom Freeman looks like he might be on his way to one of his patented big nights. Freeman capped a long drive with a 10-yard run and Southern has extended its lead.
It's still in the first quarter.
SCSU 10, Pace 0

On the board - already
The Owls took the opening kickoff and marched right down the field to open the scoring. Jarom Freeman had 21 yards on the ground on the drive and Roberts hit Andre Privott and Willie Epps for first downs.
But Southern had to settle for a 21-yad field goal by Chris Hazelton as Pace got pressure on Roberts in the red zone.
SCSU 3, Pace 0

It's the second home game of the season for the Owls and once again it's raining.
SCSU needs a win more than it needs good weather but it has hindered attendance once again.
SCSU received the kickoff and Chris Roberts is back under center. The Owls are desperate to get things untracked offensively. Fullback Curtis Shappy is out with broken ribs and safety Kyle Sandberg will miss the game with a concussion.
Check back often for updates.


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