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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quinnipiac-Buffalo ---Live


A sparce crowd is on hand for the opener at Hamden.
The students are on break so it should be a quiet evening.
I still think the NCAA should expand its field to 128 teams and do away these other postseason tournaments.
There is no reason for these good teams which have had fine seasons to feel like they should apologize for playing in postseason tournaments.

Tip off in a couple of minutes.

It's tip-off time

Easily the smallest crowd of the year here at the TD Bank Sports Center. Justin Rutty, one of the best players ever at the school was honored before the game for reaching 1,500 points and 1,000 rebounds in his last game.

Buffalo 10, Quinnipiac 8 14:16
The Bulls look good on the boards so far and have hit two 3-pointers in the early going.

Buffalo 12, Quinnipiac 12 11:26
Rutty has 6 early for the Bobcats and Harrison surprisingly scored for Quinni.

Quinnipiac 18, Buffalo 15 7:57

Finally an easy basket for the Bobcats from Langston inside. The Bulls have had the easier looks but are shooting poorly thus far including three airballs on 3-pointers.

Quinnipiac 28, Buffalo 26 3:43

Twyman has nine for Quinni but was just hit with his second foul. Buffalo continues to play hard so this one could go down to the wire tonight.

Buffalo 20, Quinnipiac 18 6:54

The Bulls get five quick points and a timeout from QU bench. Buffalo has the better outside game with 3 3-pointers so far. Quinni hasn't tried a 3-pointer.

Buffalo 33, Quinnipiac 29 Halftime

Buffalo finishes the half on a 7-1 run to take a 4-point lead into the break. The last basket came just before the final buzzer and because there is no TV the officials could not go to the replay though it appeared to come after the red light came on.
Buffalo is bigger than Quinni and giving them problems on the backboards. The Bobcats are one of the best rebounding teams in the country but haven't had their way rebounding tonight.

Buffalo 41, Quinnipiac 36 15:41

Bad news for Quinnipiac as James Johnson is injured as Buffalo extends its lead to five on a 3-pointer by Barnett.

Buffalo 50, Quinnipiac 40 12:25

Buffalo taking control in the second half. James Johnson is back and OK for Quinnipiac but Langston was just injured. It's getting away from the Bobcats.

Buffalo 63, Quinnipiac 53 6:00

The Bobcats cut a 13-point lead to five but again Buffalo has responded.

Buffalo 71, Quinnipiac 63 :38

Buffalo 75, Quinnipiac 68 FINAL


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