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Friday, February 18, 2011

Yale-Princeton live blog

Almost ready to tip off.
Yale is 5-3 in the Ivy and needs to run the table to have a chance for the Ivy League title. It's possible.
They're good enough but have three very difficult games left at home.
Tonight is the first one.
Princeton enters the contest 7-0 in league play but had to hold off a furious Yale rally in the first game.

Updates to come.

Early action
Princeton is playing very tough on defense. Yale missed the first four shots only one was a bunny. Willhite breaks the ice with a jumper.
Ian Hummer was good against the Bulldogs in first game and looks active again. He's a tough matchup for Yale.
Princeton didn't start Maddux but he's in now and the Tigers are off to a 7-2 start.
Yale always starts slowly.

Princeton up 9-5 at 12 minute mark

Yale wants to run but the Tigers are quick getting back on defense. Kreisberg has been active for the Bulldogs and the place is filling up nicely. It will get loud in here if the game is tight in the second half.
Mangano got whacked in the face and is off the court while they tend to the blood.

Princeton up by 10
The Tigers are still awesome on defense. Yale will have to hit some outside shots to stay in the game. They're capable.
Mangano is still having issues with a nosebleed but he's hit his last two shots. Princeton is shooting 8 for 18 and having less trouble getting shots off.
They lead 19-9 at the 7:52 mark.

Jones looking for answers
Princeton looks dominant now. It leads 23-12 with 4:45 left. Yale got nothing from its bench and its guards have turned it over way too much. The Bulldogs backcourt continue to try to take it to the basket but the Tigers are stopping them. Yale has 8 turnovers and is 6 for 20 shooting.
Princeton is 11 for 28 shooting. They're outrebounding Yale and taking better care of the ball.
Just like the last time the two met.

It's half and it's all PrincetonThe Tigers controlled the first half from the start and lead 30-18. There isn't much to think that the second half will be much different.
Yale needs to make some 3-pointers in the second half but every shot and every possession has been contested.
The Tigers, frankly, couldn't have played any better in the first half but because they did it all with defense this is shaping up like a long night for the Bulldogs.
At the half Mangano has just one foul which is a positive but he's got off only five shots and has four points.
He also has two blocks and needs one more to set the school's all-time record breaking the one currently held by former NBA player Chris Dudley.

Princeton 30, Yale 23 with 18:13 left
Yale has the first five points of the second half and will apparently try to keep Mangano down low on defense even if his guy stays on the perimeter. It's a risky move but they've got to do something.
Mangano is getting double and triple-teamed on offense and has five points thus far.

Princeton 35, Yale 28 with 15:50 left
Mangano buried a 3-pointer but Mavraides came right back with one of his own. The Bulldogs are playing better offensively but they'll need some stops.

Princeton 43, Yale 33 with 10:56 left
Yale cut it to 6 but Mangano was hit with an intentional foul, his third, and Princeton immediately responded with a 4-0 run and has two free throw coming.
Mangano continues to be a one-man show hitting an incredible 3-pointer falling out of bounds at the shot clock. At 6-11 and hitting from the outside he could play at the next level.
He did hammer Mavraides in the jaw, a dumb foul and the Tigers have capitalized.

Princeton 45, Yale 40 with 7:38 left
Mangano had a 3-pointer spin out which would have blown the roof off the place. He had two blocks on one possession to set the school mark for career rejections.
Princeton has 2 FS coming when we get back from break and the place is alive.
But still Yale is getting nothing from its backcourt offensively.

Princeton 50, Yale 44 with 4:31 left
Morgan drives to basket for a layup to cut the lead to six. Yale needs stops and the Tigers look good at the line.
Mangano has 15 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks. He's also got 5 turnovers which hasn't helped.

Princeton 52, Yale 47 with 2:22 left
Willhite's steal and jam cuts it to 5. Yale had its last shot blocked or it would be 3.
Morgan fouled out on the next possession. That hurts and Mavraides will shoot 2 FS.

Final: Princeton 58, Yale 51
Of course my computer locked up down the stretch. Unfortunately the Bulldogs' defense didn't do the same.
After Willhite's big jams Kareem Maddux made a three-point play with 1:21 to play and that put the game away. Yale squandered a couple of possessions down the stretch but never got closer than three points.


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