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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yale vs. Dartmouth -- live

Follow the action live

The Bulldogs host the Big Green tonight at the Lee Amphitheater. It's the final home weekend for Yale (5-5) in the league.
Dartmouth has had a rough season losing 7 in a row and 12 of its last 13. The two teams played up at Hanover, N.H. earlier in the year and Greg Mangano had 30 points and 11 rebounds for the Bulldogs in the 69-60 win.

Ready for the tip-offYale's Greg Mangano is one of the nation's leaders in rebounding and blocked shots. He's also scoring 16.3 ppg. Add a couple of digits to each of those numbers next season and Yale should contend for a league title -- and Mangano may get a juicy pro contract somewhere.

UConn in the houseFormer UConn star Ricky Moore is an assistant coach for Dartmouth. Former UConn star John Gwynn is one of the officials.

Dartmouth 9, Yale 6 (15:41)Yale is using its height advantage but right now they're missing shots. The Bulldogs also seem a little lifeless. Mangano is 1-4 from the field.
Yale 14, Dartmouth 14 (11:42)
Kreisberg has 5 for Yale and Dixon has 4 quick points for Dartmouth off the bench.

Dartmouth 23, Yale 17 (7:25)The Big Green are pushing the ball upcourt every time. Yale is holding it looking for the good shot. As usual Yale has started very slowly. They look like they'll be trying to put this game away in the second half.
About 800 in attendance now.
It's easy to see why Dartmouth isn't any good. They're defense is awful, but right now Yale is just missing open shots.

Yale 27, Dartmouth 25Yale on a 10-2 run. It hit 2 3-pointers in a row, finally. Dartmouth continues to show little on defense and could be in for a long night if tis goes cold from the field.

Dartmouth 33, Yale 32Dartmouth answered a 13-2 Yale run with a 7-2 run of its own to take a 33-32 lead into the half.
It was another disappointing first half for the Bulldogs who have made a habit of these slow starts. Against Penn, Princeton and Harvard, all very good teams they fell behind by double-figures in the first half and rallied back but fell short.
They should be able to catch tghe Big Green here but it was not a good first half.
The turnovers mounted in the latter stages of the half.
Halftime stats:
Yale outrebounding Dartmouth 20-13 but has 9 turnovers to just 3 for Dartmouth. Yale has 2 points off its bench and Coach Jones wanted a lot more there.

YALE 37, DARTMOUTH 37 (15:14)

Coach Jones is not happy this one is still up for grabs. A lot of fouls so far. They'll be shooting a lot of free throws in this half.

Yale 47, Dartmouth 44 (11:20)
Yale capped a 10-4 run and looked to be in control but Dartmouth answered with 3 straight to stay close.

Dartmouth 55, Yale 53 (7:40)Yale took a 6-point lead but the Big Green are back in front with the ball.
Austin Morgan has 4 fouls for Yale.

Dartmouth 58, Yale 57 (3:17)
Braswell going to the line for 2 FS after the break. The Big Green are in this one to the wire.

Yale 63, Dartmouth 61 (2:03)

Yale 63, Dartmouth 63 (58)
Rufful fouls out, Kreisberg shooting 2 shots when they come back from a time out. Rufful was an option down the stretch for Dartmouth. Dixon will probably shoot the big ones now.

Dartmouth 65, Yale 65 (:40)
Dartmouth has it after Dixon tied the game, missed a FS and Weeden got the rebound.
Mangano blocks a shot and Yale gets the ball but Morgan misses a 3 with 3 seconds left. Headed to OT


Dartmouth 69, Yale 6Yale 72, Dartmouth 70(:58)
5 (3:04)

Yale 72, Dartmouth 70(:58)
A Salafia 3 and a hook shot by Mangano have Yale on top

Yale 72, Dartmouth 70(:37)
Yale ball as Mangano blocks another shot.
Dartmouth may or may not foul here, there's 28 on the shot clock.

Yale 73, Dartmouth 70(:26)
Salafia makes 1st free throw, one more to come after a timeout.

Yale 75, Dartmouth 73(:09)
Yale shooting 2 FS



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