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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA, Here we go

NCAA ready to tip off

As the tournament is about to tip off let's look at the list of teams that can actually win the whole thing.
I've got a realistic list, which does not include UConn, and a quick look at them. It's something I've done over the past few years and the winner has always been on the list.

East (top 4 seeds)

North Carolina - The Tar Heels are the No. 1 seed but this is a tough region. They'll have their work cut out for them here.
Washington State - Here's my sleeper to win the whole tournament. Sure, a No. 4 seed isn't that much a sleeper but I haven't heard anyone from Joe Lunardi to the sleepy Bobby Knight (someone give him a cup of coffee) who's picked this team. Remember early in the season that this team was ranked around No. 3 in the country. They're a veteran team and well-coached.
Louisville - Pitino's got a realistic chance here. Such a tough region.
Tennessee - really don't like Bruce Pearl but he's got players and deserves to be listed.

Midwest (Only 3, 2 are sleepers)

Kansas - They're deep and can really score. Will they defend? Will they choke again?
Villanova - Another sleeper here. The 12 seed has plenty of talent and is well-coached.
Davidson - They've won 20 in a row already. Here's a sleeper with a chance but I would tell you that any of the teams listed in the East could win this bracket easily.

South (4, it's wide open)

Memphis - Sure they can't shot free throws but if they're up by 20 points, who cares?
Pittsburgh - They showed how tough they were in the Big East Tournament. They'll make some noise.
Stanford - The Lopez twins will be household names soon. These guys are good.
Texas - D.J. Augustine quickly made everyone forget about Kevin Durant.

West (3 and my pick)

UCLA - The Bruins may just win one for John Wooden. He's 97, been in the hospital and this team is playing the best in the country right now.
West Virginia - Another sleeper but the bottom of this bracket is weak.
Duke - Just because you know they'll get all the calls the Blue Devils have got a legitimate shot.

There they are. I see 14 teams with a chance to win this thing and I've got to go with UCLA to beat UNC in the final.

I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your brackets.


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