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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pettitte apology a farce

The purpose of the Mitchell Report, in its base roots was to act as a deterrent for future ballplayers.

It was supposed to send a message to high schoolers and collegians around the country to stay clean — or else.

Somewhere the message got misconstrued and the proof came in Tuesday’s 55-minute tribute to Andy Pettitte.

You had the feeling that after Pettitte left the podium that reporters were poised to give him a standing ovation. That will come on opening day.

Now, many columinsts around the country took umbrage with Pettitte’s confession but when he refused to elaborate on his statement made about Roger Clemens using steroids, they should have walked out en masse.

Isn’t that why they were there?

When he said he wasn’t a cheater they should have laughed out loud and then said, ‘Excuse me. You were serious?’ And when he said he wasn’t a liar they should have insisted that he had already lied about this issue a couple of weeks ago. Why should we believe him now?

After the Mitchell Report was released, Pettitte admitted using HGH on two dates in 2002 while injured. He said in a congressional deposition earlier this month that he also used HGH (which he got from his father, Tom) twice in one day in 2004, but did not reveal it previously in an attempt to protect his dad. Pettitte said that he’s been punished enough for use of HGH because all the scrutiny he’s been under.

Wow, give me $16 million and I’ll take the blame for the Lindberg baby, JFK and the price of gas for an hour.
There is only one way to rectify what has happened in baseball. Every player named in the report must be suspended.

What happened to Marion Jones will serve as a deterrent to future track stars.

What happened to Pettitte makes me wonder if CVS is stocking HGH over the counter.

I’ve got a 10-year-old football player to get ready for the upcoming season.


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