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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A true service to the readers

OK, I'm the last one in America to watch American Idol.
And you know something, it's not that bad.

Now for the past 20 years the only thing I've ever watched on TV has been sports. From the Red Sox to college basketball back to the Red Sox and so on.

I always knew there was more to TV than sports but working mostly every night of my life for since I got into sportswriting I never had a chace to watch a TV series.

It was basically Seinfeld reruns and bad Sunday night movies. Me and the guys at work love "The Perfect Storm." That Clooney's a Helluva Skipper.

Anyway, to my point and my service to the readers, here is the scenario that has led me to enjoying American Idol.

The other day AT&T called me up, for the one millionth time, and asked me if I would like to switch to its services. I'd get the TV, phone and home internet for about $100.

Not bad, but I've already got Comcast. Only thing is, after my Comcast package deal expired its rates went up to about $170 a month.

So I called Comcast and told them that AT&T was offering me the same pakage for $70 less and what could they do for me.

Without hesitation they offered up the following:

They would give me every single channel they carry, all the sports channels, all the movie channels at no extra cost.

They just flip the switch and I sign on for another year at about $170.

That's not bad but I still hesitated.

Then they added a free DVR to the deal.

I said, OK, hook it up now, and since then I've been taping every show that I had previously just heard about.

So try it readers.

Call Comcast, or your cable company, and tell them you're going to switch to AT&T and see what they offer you.

And don't call me with the Idol results. I'm taping it.


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