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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Observations from a busy Saturday

After watching four basketball games I have some observations for some area basketball teams.

The first game on the docket was my son's travel team. Caden, my 10 year old, lost something like 21-12. Caden's a good ballplayer but he's in a shooting slump. I think he was something like 0 for 10 in the game.
Of course, I was upset after the game but when I look back at it they were good shots.
And then I heard that Jimmer Fredette was struggling for BYU. Fredette ended up going 16 for 16 from the free throw line to bail him out. Caden was 0 for 2.


Speaking of Ouch.
Quinnipiac lost its men's game down at Long Island. That loss will most likely win the Blackbirds the regular season title in the NEC.
Sure they have a lot of work to do but when the season started I felt it was either Quinnipiac or LIU that would win the title and when Justin Rutty went down it was too much for the Bobcats to catch LIU in the regular season.
They still have the postseason ahead and no one's going to want to see Quinnipiac, even if they're the hosts.

City rivals
My second and third games were at Charger Gymnasium where Southern Connecticut swept a doubleheader from New Haven in men's and women's action.
The SCSU women have won three straight and actually look pretty good. They have to keep winning to earn a postseason berth. They're going to need some scoring from the perimeter.
The UNH women have too many injuries to be competitive right now. They've lost 16 in a row and need plenty of work in the offseason to get back in the fray.

Southern defeated New Haven in the men's game. It was clearly a battle of two teams heading in the right direction. I talked to SCSU coach Mike Donnelly after the game and he knows that his counterpart at New Haven Ted Hotaling is doing a great job also. The city should be proud of these two teams which have tried hard to come back and be top players in the NE-10.
I think they'll both make it soon.
Southern has more talent right now and New Haven lacks height. Robert Jamerson does all he can down low but he can't do it all.
Chazz McCarter and Greg Langston are the real deal for SCSU and Trevon Hamlet is a keeper.

Off to Yale
For two straight nights the Bulldogs men's team played inspired and exciting contests posting Ivy League wins.
Coach James Jones knows that Yale has to play nearly perfect to beat good teams on the road. They have a big one on Friday when they play at Harvard.
Yale has one of the best starting five's around. Greg Mangano is a treat to watch at center and their guards are exceptional.
But there's always a big BUT. Yale has to win at Harvard and probably win every game at home the rest of the way. It is 4-2 in the league and will most likely have to finish 11-3 to win the league.
That's a tough road to hoe but it could get interesting.

Now I've got to get back to shooting with Caden.


Blogger Bill Cloutier said...

This is Caden's mom. I'm not worried about his shooting slump. He needs to work on his defense. He has to slide his feet quicker and cut off the passing lane at the top of the lane and steal the ball and drive to the hoop for the lay-up AND 1.
Now, Nolan, my older son, is getting ready for baseball. He's a natural born athlete.

February 6, 2011 at 1:27 PM 
Blogger Bill Cloutier said...

For you unathletic people start playing some sports. My shooting is fine people!I'm the next Lebron James.Wheres my headband. All I need now is some powder, and some wristbands. My mom wouldn't let me get tatoos!
Caden (the beastly one)

Ha,Ha,Ha LOL

February 6, 2011 at 1:36 PM 

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