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Friday, March 21, 2008

San Diego snaps Calhoun's streak

No Price, no hope

Lightly-regarded San Diego knocks UConn out of the NCAA tournament. In the long run it was the injury to A.J. that spelled doom for the Huskies.
Let's face it, Craig Austrie killed the Huskies when he penetrated the lane three times late in the game and in overtime and was rejected all three times.
If Price was in the game, he would have had the ball at crunch time but instead Calhoun called Austrie's number and he was miserable. Jerome Dyson made some nice plays to put the Huskies in overtime and give them the lead late in overtime but you had the feeling that San Diego would score.
This was not one of Calhoun's best coaching jobs and San Diego outworked the Huskies all day long and then hit the big shots.

Now it's three weeks of the love-fest for the UConn women and the only interesting game will be the championship.
I don't even expect Rutgers to make it to the regional final. They're too banged up and have no depth.

Anyway, the Huskies were not going to win this tournament and to say that bracket has opened up wide for UCLA isn't really fair for the Bruins. UConn was not going to beat them. San Diego can't play any better than it did tonight so I expect it to lose to Western Kentucky.

Of the teams I picked that could win this tournament before it started, they're all still alive including my sleepers Washington State and Davidson. Curry was amazing for Davidson today and leads the tourney with 40 points.


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