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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Follow today's game action against top 10 Indiana-Pennsylvania here.

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SCSU quarterback JJ Jablonski

It's 30 minutes to kick off.
Here is an article on IUP quarterback Mike Box, who began his collegiate career at UConn.

Jack Mallis out for today's game. He is a powerhouse running back who was injured late in the preseason. Also sidelined are: Jesse el_Ghoul, Chris Hogan and Alexander Williams. All are freshmen.

Chip Malafronte along side today. Check out Sunday's Register for his Gravy and a column on today's opener.

Southern is tied with Indiana Pa at the half 14-14.
Looks liked Vaughn Magee is out with a possible concussion. He had 9 carries for 39 yards when they took his helmet off after getting popped near the goal line.
John Moscatel has 10 carries for 51 yards and has scored both Southern TDs.
For IUP, ranked 10th in the nation in Division II, Erik Finklea has a 45-yard TD run and Sean McVay took one in from 9 yards. He fumbled at the goal line but check out the Tout video on the Register web site to see if indeed he crossed the line.

Update: SCSU trims deficit to 23-20 with 7;16 to play on perfect pass. Groth missed the extra point.


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