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Sunday, August 26, 2012

UNH Football Back to School Survival Kit


#leadingthecharge — Summer vacation is all but over, syllabi are being prepared and people are lining up at Target to purchase denim. Yes, it’s back to school yet again. It’s back to school for football players too. As we approach the Chargers’ first exam on Saturday at Ralph DellaCamera Stadium against Merrimack, let’s take a look at some things UNH will need to do in order to ensure another Northeast-10 title.

FLAG DAY: Last season UNH overcame quite a few flags. The Chargers lost 912 yards to penalties in 2011, 98 more yards than their opponents. The Chargers had three games last season with double-digit penalties, two games with nine and three with eight. They gave up 100 yards to penalties three times last season. The defense will be playing a more aggressive style this season. Look for the Chargers to attempt to force more takeaways. In order for this to work, New Haven will have to prevent giving opposing teams any unearned yards. On offense, the Chargers are a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. Penalties make them sleep a bit easier, though. Keeping the errors down will prevent any type of rally when the Chargers jump out in front.

Keep checking here all week for more on what the Chargers will need to do in order to capture another NE-10 title in the inaugural NE-10 Championship Game on Nov. 10. Also, visit the blog on Friday for a comprehensive UNH season preview.


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