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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Connecticut 6 on the move

The Connecticut 6 Classic will move to the University of Hartford next year.
The move is obviously one being made due to lack of ticket sales. While the tournament is a unique and fun event the Mohegan Sun must have felt it was not financially sound.
The move to UHar will at least guarantee basically a packed house it is a sign that the team's fanbases have not stepped up to support these teams.
It's a UConn state and the fans are missing some good basketball at the state's other campuses.
If the Classic doesn't do well next year it may signal the end of the event. If it does well the tournament officials intend to move it to another campus the next year and begin a rotation.
Overall, without the NBA you would feel that people would be dying to see some basketball and the price is much lower than that at UConn.

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