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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Huskies missed the boat

Well, Terrell Wilks continues to sizzle on the track.
You can just look at Wilks and see how fast he is. You don't need a stopwatch.
The most interesting part of the day at Saturday's Indoor Track State Open was talking to Wilks' Hillhouse coach Gary Moore.
Moore recalled how the UConn football program and head coach Edsall practically slighted Wilks.
It seems that the Huskies had invited Wilks to attend their game against West Virginia as a guest.But the school never made final arrangements.
The game was on a Friday and Wilks waited by the phone for a call that never came. Finally Moore called the Huskies' football recruiter and confirmed that Wilks was still welcome to attend - just hours before kickoff.
That's not the way to treat your recruits.
But then again, at that time the Huskies really didn't care too much if they landed Wilks or not. He was a solid football player but too thin they thought.
Wilks led the Academics to the state title playing both receiver and defensive back but not too many people cared.
That is, until Wilks started his track career.
Wilks never ran track until this year, his senior season, and posted a time that ranked him fourth in the nation in the 55-meters. He ran a blazing 6.37 second mark. The state record is 6.23.
When Wilks ran that time the phones started ringing again with offers from big-time colleges.
And yes, UConn was on the other end of one of them.
The first thing Randy Edsall and his UConn staff should do is take care of business in the state. Wilks has already qualified grade and SAT-wise.
He is untapped potential on the football field and would have looked good at Rentschler Field on Saturdays.
But Wilks will be playing at Villanova next year and that's truly a shame. Not for him as he'll get a great education, but for Husky fans state-wide.


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